Johnfish Sparkle - Johnfish Sparke CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Promising debut from this Italian power trio.
Retro 70's hard rock is the name of the game for this album, with references to acts like Cream and Captain Beyond - and proggers will probably hear some similarities to Rush' debut album on the more embellished numbers here.
And the opening two numbers are some real scorchers; energy-laden driving tunes that ooze vitality, fat riffs and compelling grooves.
The rest of this production never manage to get to the highs of these opening numbers though, with more and more generic sounding blues based hard rock following; ending in two tunes with more of a pub rock feel to them.
Still, it's a young band; and if they hone their songwriting skills they are a tight outfit - undoubtedly a good live act and in the future quite possibly a good recording unit as well. For now, talented and promising is probably the best description of their material on CD.”-rym
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