Johnson, Scott - Americans CD

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"A long awaited CD featuring a major new composition by one of America’s greatest and most elusive composers from the early days of postmodernism and postminimalism. A pioneering voice in the new relationship being forged between the classical tradition and popular culture, Scott’s influential infusion of the amplified sounds of rock into traditionally scored compositions is an approach that is rapidly spreading among today’s young composers. Drawing upon a decade of rarely heard music, Americans is yet another masterpiece by this exciting musical maverick."
Kermit Driscoll: Electric Bass
Scott Johnson: Electric Guitar
Michael Lowenstern: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Mary Rowell: Viola
Greg Chudzik: Double Bass, Electric Bass
David Cossin: Marimba, Percussion
Mark Dancigers: Electric Guitar
John Ferrari: Drums
Stephen Gosling: Piano
Derek Johnson: Electric Guitar
Liviu Onchoi: Sampled Voice
Taimur Sullivan: Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax
Ken Thomson: Clarinet
Shekaiba Wakili: Sampled Voice
Alex Waterman: Cello
Janet Xiong: Sampled Voice
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  • UPC702397807421
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