KBB - Live 2004

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NEARfest 2006 will get off to a rousing start with the fiery symphonic fusion Japanese quartet KBB. Led by the alternately subtle and searing electric violin work of Akihisa Tsuboy, contrasted with the outstanding Keith Emerson- and Dave Stewart-influenced keyboards of Toshimitsu Takahashi, and underlaid by a powerful and dynamic rhythm section, KBB's cinematic instrumental music can evoke a wide range of emotions in the listener. Their unique sound is vaguely reminiscent of a mutant hybrid of Kenso, Kansas, Return to Forever, FM, and ELP filtered through ethnic Japanese folk influences, with a dash of Celtic flavorings mixed into the delicious instrumental stew. Whether engaged in hyperkinetic but always melodic fusion, gentle and pastoral ballads, or all points in between, KBB possesses a poise and class that will enthrall listeners of all progressive tastes. [Musea]
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