Koenjihyakkei - Nivraym [revisited] CD

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This is a re-working of the unavailable 3rd release by this Ruins offshoot project, led by Tatsuya Yoshida-drums, vocals, with Jin Harada-guitar, Sakamoto Kengo- bass, Oguchi Kenichi-keyboards (of Kenso) & Sagara Nami (soprano voice).
While not quite a Magma-derived as their first, this is still a wild race into Zeuhl territory, with all the throbbing bass, wild, Vander-inspired drumming, & Kobaian-via-Japan singing you could hope for. Really nice & powerful! For better or worse, it has been significanly re-worked for this new edition (see below)

"Years after it’s original release, the current Koenjihyakkei line-up (as heard on the critically-acclaimed “Dhorimvishka” album) returned to the “Nivraym” master recordings & went to work - adding new flourishes, overdubs and drum tracks. Now, the album has been remixed, remastered and resequenced for this revolutionary revisitation - the band’s purest, most uncompromising expression to date; blending progressive rock, symphonic rock, fusion & neoclassicism with the energy of hardcore punk, the volume of metal & the attitude of rock in opposition.”
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