Kosmose - First Time Out 2 x CDs

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Alain Neffe - monophonic synthesizer, flute, primitive rhythm box, bell, clumsy voice, tarang
Francis Pourcel - bass, bass with violin bow, electric guitar
Daniel Malempré (aka MAL) - electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar

This is a totally great, lo-fi but also totally listenable, peek into what live, experimental, improvised music with up to date, low-budget technology circa 1975 sounded like! Yes it brought back serious memories!!

“Something undoubtedly cosmic but with a DIY, home-made edge: a cosmos for sure, but dirtier than clean, noisier than technology-based. All songs are unreleased. Recorded and mixed in March 1975. After some years rather cosmic and raga-esque music, Kosmose slowly began to explore some more experimental and noisy sonic expression. At the time, the band only owned a few instruments and sound effects and, no drummer. They used to play long tracks in order to follow the trend of the alternative music of the period -- remember, this was 1975. The event was a total spectacle with an inventive light-show including a stroboscope and a frantic projection of strange abstract slides on a giant screen by Freddy Pourcel. Some incense was burnt time-to-time.”
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MORE great sounds by this previously un-released band. I would recommend this to pre-Dark Side , Floyd fans. Very long jams that evolve nicely over their full playing time. This band had psychedelic jamming of a space-y kind down to an art. They never languish too long in one "space" and have the good sense to keep things "fresh" by pushing into edge-y territory than the afore mentioned Pink Floyd might have dared. These guys should have been celebrated much sooner,...but don't miss out on them this time!
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