Ancient Veil - The Ancient Veil New (remastered)

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This is a remixed, remastered and re-jiggered version of a long out of print Rock Progressivo Italiano release from 1995.

“The Ancient Veil was an Eris Pluvia offshoot band, found in 1992 and led by guitarist/singer Alessandro Serri and flute/sax player Edmondo Romano.The next year the duo produced the demo tape ''Morning after'' and mid-90's finds them at their creative peak.
Having signed with Mellow Records, The Ancient Veil covered the song ''The lamia'' for the Mellow Records' Genesis' tribute album ''The river of constant change'', while the same year they released their self-titled sole output.
Being members of Eris Pluvia, Serri's and Romano's compositions on ''The Ancient Veil'' have straight connections with their previous band's style, though this time they pushed the sound into a folkier and softer direction than the more symphonic approach of Eris Pluvia.
With session musicians helping on bass, drums, keyboards and strings, the musicianship is characterized by Serri's soft acoustic touches, the melodic sax leads and the medieval-sounding flutes of Romano's, supported either by strings or light background keyboards, thus creating a modern Progressive/Folk Rock work with hints from Classical and Jazz music at moments. The mood overall is relaxing with the duo focusing on elaborate harmonies and dreamy soundscapes than delivering anything complex or adventurous. A few tracks though offer the sensitive electric guitars of Serri, sounding a lot like the Eris Pluvia's delivery and ending up to be a bit more energetic. Additionally most of the compositions include the romantic singing of Serri with his slightly accented English. The Ancient Veil is a great discovery for fans of contemporary Progressive Folk or anyone looking for an album creating a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere.”-rateyourmusic
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