Hubbard, Nathan / Skeleton Key Orchestra - Furiously Dreaming

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****4 STARS**** from All About Jazz
"Sprawling. Massive. Unapologetically ambitious. All over the musical map. But, somehow, not excessive...It's really a super-diverse stylistic smorgasbord of sounds, all delivered with the sort of heat and light that suffused the large ensemble music of Sun Ra and Charles Mingus."—Dave Wayne, All About Jazz

Ellen Weller - soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet, flute, piccolo
David Borgo - soprano and tenor saxophone, alto flute
Adnan Marquez - alto saxophone, flute, electronics, engineer
Dick McGuane - alto and tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet
Jason Robinson - tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet, alto flute, electronics
Andrew Pask - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Derek Cannon, Kris Tiner - trumpet, flugelhorn
Karl Soukup - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Sean Francis Conway - trumpet, didgeridoo
Jeff Kaiser - quarter tone trumpet, electronics
Kelley Elliott - horn
Michael Dessen, Dwight Dillon - trombone
Brandon Jagow - bass trombone, electric bass
Ernesto Botello, Jonathan Piper - tuba
Nazo Zakkak - piano + preparations, electric organ, pipe organ, synth
Rick Helzer, Bob Weller - piano
Scott Paulson - harp
Joe Bigham, Samuel Lopez, Tom McNally, Marcelo Radulovich - electric guitar/electronics
Jon Garner - nylon string acoustic guitar, electric guitar/electronics
Kristopher Apple, Gascia Ouzounian, Sunshine Vortigern - violin
Carolyn Tyler, Sarah Paik - cello
Justin Grinnell - acoustic bass, acoustic bass guitar, electric bass/electronics
Harley Magsino - acoustic bass, electric bass + guitar/electronics
Scott Walton - acoustic bass, piano
Marcos Fernandes, David Hurley - hand drums, percussion
Nate Atwood - drumkit, handclaps, electronics
Jon Szanto - percussion, vibraphone
Curtis Glatter - drumkit, percussion
Jeanette Kangas - drumkit, marimba
Nathan Hubbard - conducting, drumkit, frame 1/electronics/samples/drum machine, hand drums, percussion, mallets, piano/synth/wurlitzer, timpani, engineer, etc.
Shadowfigure - drumkit, handclaps, drum loops, e drums, sound design
DJ Tenshun - turntables/electronics
Robert M - electronics
Nina Leilani - voice, tack piano
Greg Buhlert, Rafter Roberts, Molly Whittaker - voice
Roger Aplon, Sister Rez - poetry
Steve Langdon - engineer
Kirsten Callais - 2nd engineer
The Valley of Discovery Chorus - Kristopher Apple, Nate Atwood, Joe Bigham, Greg Buhlert, David Borgo, Kirsten Callais, Sean Francis Conway, Nina Leilani, Michael Dessen, Daniela Druhora, Kelley Elliott, b Suzanne Gage, Jon Garner, Justin Grinnell, Christopher Given Harrison, Rick Helzer, Kelly Hubbard, Nathan Hubbard, Brandon Jagow, Jeanette Kangas, Steve Langdon, Harley Magsino, Dick McGuane, Rafter Roberts, Jason Robinson, Scott Walton, Ellen Weller, Molly Whittaker, Nazo Zakkak.
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