Sentiero Di Taus - Macrocosmosi

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Gennaro Lucio Zinzi / vocals, guitar, `funny instruments'
Tiziano Taccini / guitar
Jesus / bass
Claudio `Buddha' Buonfiglio / drums

Macrocosmosi is the second release by the Milan quartet Il Sentiero Di Taus, and it is produced by Fabio Zuffanti, who had the following to say about this release, “Il Sentiero di Taus evokes iridescent musical images that start from symphonic progressive and go so far to embrace ethnic music, psichedelic, hard-rock and much more. A true kaleidoscope of sounds that will accompany you in an imamaginative journey without return”.

““Macrocosmosi” is a breathtaking concept, a sort of rock opera divided into nine tracks, characterized by swirling rhythmic changes on the hard-progressive side, with a surprising range of shades.
The mystical-religious theme, the dynamic rock evolutions, the traits and lyricism of mini-rock opera, can find similarities between”Macrosmosi” and “La Bibbia” of Il Rovescio della Medaglia, but certainly revitalized, for aesthetics and freshness, in version years 2000 (however eluding all the clichés of metal-prog, and this is the strength and originality of Il Sentiero di Taus”).
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