On The Raw - Climbing The Air

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Alex Ojea - Drums & percussion
Jordi Amela - Keyboards & piano
Jordi Prats - Guitars & acoustic guitars
Pep Espasa - Tenor, alto, soprano saxophones & flutes
Toni Sànchez - Electric bass & fretless
Cristina Falcinella - Voices
Samuel Garcia - Trumpet & violin

On The Raw are Spanish jazz/rock band who employ a lot of the Mediterranean touches that made the Spanish fusion scene stand out in its original guise in the 70s and still makes this really nice set stand out!

“ON THE RAW is an instrumental band from Barcelona who flirts with Jazz, Rock, Electronic music and brings them together creating an unique sound and identity. Its members come from recognized bands in the panorama of Progressive Rock having played in Harvest, Dracma and Apple Smell Colour. This recent instrumental bet aims to experiment in different environments and deepen the search for new creative horizons...we have tried to open the color palette by exploring and incorporating droplets from those styles that have influenced us at some point in our lives and this is the result. We hope you enjoy!”

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