Lane, Adam/Lou Grassi/Mark Whitecage - Drunk Butterfly

Mark Whitecage, alto saxophone, clarinet / Adam Lane, double bass / Lou Grassi, drums.

"In addition to being a superb bassist, Adam Lane is a composer with superior skills. Drummer Lou Grassi and saxophonist Mark Whitecage are better known as improvisers, but as it turns out they have wicked composer chops too. "Drunk Butterfly" draw on the scores from all the three members of this trio. There's improvisation here – astonishing improvisation – but listen to these moving structures, buildings morphing like clouds in the sky. There is a democratic division of authorship in the band and of, shall we call it, "performership" as well. This is not simply the gathering of a soloist with a rhythm section. The trio demonstrates a rare quality of collective thought. And, curiously enough considering the free jazz creds of the musicians, be-bop flavors every track (in fact, the first piece is titled "The Last of the Beboppers) and the music swings like crazy. You can dance to it."
  • LabelClean Feed
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