Tippetts, Julie/Martin Archer - Ghosts of Gold

"Most of the music for this collection was written and recorded by myself between mid 2007 – mid 2008. Julie matched texts to the music and recorded the vocal parts at my studio in the final part of 2008. I tried to write music for this CD which I believed would have some personal relevance for Julie rather than to write in the abstract and hope for the best. Looking back, I’ve been aware of Julie’s music for just as long as I’ve been aware of creative music. I distinctly remember borrowing a copy (on the original Neon label) of Septober Energy from someone’s hip older brother while still at school, not registering that many of the players involved in this incredibly ambitious and joyful work were in reality not a whole lot older than I was. Then before very long I’d also heard the diametrically opposite Blueprint and Ovary Lodge albums, which helped me to learn that there was room for space and melody inside total improvisation, as well as jazz informed “chops” and extended technique playing. It was not until the 1980’s that I first met Julie while I was promoting free improv concerts in Sheffield, and not until the 2000s did we make records together – Julie sang on both of my albums with Geraldine Monk, and also on my latest solo release In Stereo Gravity. One memorable aspect of this recording for me is that despite this being the first record of Julie’s whose method is based substantially on software processing and editing (her previous Shadow Puppeteer was, amazingly, a virtuoso product of traditional tape editing!), she immediately “got” the possibilities of working in a virtual studio and seconds after completing each take behind the mic would be seated next to me in front of the computer screen enthusiastically directing the editing and processing choices. A second volume is already in progress. – Martin Archer

"Working with Martin always gives an inspiring kind of freedom within his extraordinary soundscapes. His structures on this album provide perfect settings for this selection of texts, drawn from an anthology of poetry written between 1994 – 2004, opening wide all doors with his particular flavour combinations, and yet indicating to me, almost instantly, the precise choice of poems for each piece. To use track 8 as an example, Martin brought this wonderful ingredient to the pot as an after-thought on our last day of recording. I went straight to the text, and within minutes was in front of the mic, and Rainsong was born. No rehearsal, no prior thought or decisions, and yet it gives the impression of being a structured composition. That’s what I love about working in this way. The magic of the unexpected." - Julie Tippetts

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