Soft Machine - Shooting At The Moon (aka Jet Propelled Photographs) CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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These are the famous (& rather famously disowned by all participants) Giorgio Gomelski deomos from April, 1967, which represent the only recordings by the original quartet formation of the band other than their single: Daevid Allen-guitar, Kevin Ayers-bass/vocals, Mike Ratledge-piano/organ and Robert Wyatt-drums/vocals.
While it is fair enough to say that these recordings are (a) historic, (b) are a must for big fans, (c) allow you to hear some of their later-to-be classic works in their ebryonic formative stages, and (d) are even mostly kinda fun (please don't tell Robert I said that), these are, overall, quite minor recordings in their oeuvre and that should be kept in mind!
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While all Robert Wyatt-era Soft Machine is fascinating, the 1967 Giorgio Gomelsky demos are something special. This is very early days yet so don't expect wild, free-inflected improv à la Third. The musicians are young, energetic and having fun pushing the boundaries of R'n'B and pop forms. Early psychedelia, snippets of songs later made famous on the first 3 albums, Robert wailing his heart away and Daevid occasionally making a fool of himself on lead guitar. Utterly, utterly charming, I've been listening to these tracis for over 30 years and they're still a staple on the old iPod.
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I agree....this is some really nice stuff. I guess the band would be mad with me too? But this has some charming stuff on it. All song oriented,...and a nice link with later items too.
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