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A archival classic of stoned, cut-up, tape loop, manipulated, concrete noise, organized sound craziness

"...well worth hearing, anticipating as they do many of the textures later utilized on Soft Machine Third." – Mojo

"...Spaced encapsulates an invigorating divination of gloomy psychedelia/Kluster-meets-Albert Ayler freedom... " – The Wire

"Radically savage or wot! But I still like it." – Hugh Hopper, upon hearing the tapes for the 1st time since 1969 in 1996!

Spaced is previously unreleased studio recordings recorded in early/mid 1969 by the "classic" Soft Machine trio line-up of Hugh Hopper [bass], Mike Ratledge [electric piano/organ] and Robert Wyatt [drums] along with guest saxist Brian Hopper. These heavily manipulated / looped / etc. recordings were originally presented as the backdrop to a multi-media work entitled Spaced.

Featuring ballet dancers and ex-army gymnasts, the performers were choreographed to bound over al geodesic structure made of construction scaffolding while wearing rubber costumes with octopus suckers up and down their arms and legs.

After its week-long performance, the tapes were forgotten for over two decades until rediscovered by archivist Mike King. These recordings feature the band at their most radical, and while they would never again use the studio in such an extreme fashion, the work done here definitely influenced later works such as Third and Hugh's 1984. With liner notes by Hugh and engineer Bob Woolford.

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Nice to see this available again. Some parts of this drag, but most of it is truly hypnotic and mesmerizing. A Soft Machine that is quite different from all the official releases
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