Neo - Water Resistance

Raw, squonky and tight trio of guitar, sax and drums. As they say below, think John Zorn, think Minutemen, think Fred Frith, think Boredoms, think of Ahleuchatistas and think of them all mashed together!

"After two years of aging, the three-head monster formed by Manlio Maresca (guitar), Carlo Conti (tenor sax) and Antonio Zitarelli (drums) lays a new stone - or a loud megalith - on the soil of Italian avant blues, shaking it from the bowels. Fifteen new disharmonious and destructuring inquiries on the track of jazz and punk, through the blues streets of New Orleans and the rugged lanes of the Balkans. In Water Resistance, Neo lead to a new stage of their experimentation, always keeping the distinctive counterpoint between the two voices (sax and guitar) and the melody at the edge of the harmonic structure, with short solo improvisations of jazz nature and unexpected sound excursions. The challenge that Neo seems to confirm in this third album is to attack the essence of sound, destructuring it in paradoxical and unconventional forms, rewriting the traditional blues and effectively experimenting an unconventional blend of jazz, rock and punk that lead them in a few years to major artistic achievements. The project Neo originated in 2001 when two jazz educated musicians, guitarist Manlio Maresca and drummer Antonio Zitarelli, join Fabrizio Giovampietro’s bass to create an instrumental avant-blues trio. The geographic epicenter of the project is the sunny beach of Terracina, a truthful town of southern Lazio, although the trio is harmonically and rhythmically closer to Northern Europe’s contemporary music, except for the overseas influences of Frank Zappa, Fred Frith, John Zorn or Minuteman. In 2006 the trio takes a new form, replacing the bass with Carlo Conti’s tenor sax, musician of completely jazz extraction from the mainstream background of the capital."

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From Aug the 23rd to Oct the 6th Neo are touring in US
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