Liebig, Steuart - Pomegranate

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"This set of four concerti is an epic masterwork by composer/bassist Steuart Liebig. It featues soloists Nels Cline on electric guitar, Mark Dresser on contrabass, Vinny Golia on sopranino saxophone and Tom Varner on french horn. These soloists are backed by a crack ensemble of Eric Barber - woodwinds, Ellen Burr - flute, Alex Cline - drums, John Fumo - trumpet, Jeff Gauthier - electric violin, Steuart Liebig - electric bass, and Scot Ray - trombone. Destined to become a creative music classic, Pomegranate bridges the gap between jazz, contemporary classical music and skronk-rock."

Alex Cline - drums/percussion
Ellen Burr - flute, alto flute and piccolo
Eric Barber - B flat clarinet
Jeff Gauthier - 4 and 5-string electric violins
John Fumo - trumpet and flugelhorn
Mark Dresser - double bass and gifus
Nels Cline - electric guitars
Scot Ray - trombone
Steuart Liebig - contrabassguitars
Tom Varner - french horn
Vinny Golia - sopronino saxophone
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