Machine and the Synergetic Nuts - Leap Second Neutral CD

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Great second release from this high-energy Japanese instrumental ensemble of soprano and tenor sax, keyboards (mostly electric piano and organ), bass and drums, with guests on guitar and percussion. Their 2003 debut blew the minds of those who were lucky enough to hear it, and this confident & powerful release will convert the rest! "The main thing that sets these guys apart is the intense and aggressive energy a runaway train approaching that sharp curve, you just know it's going to go over the edge, but somehow it stays on track"-Expose. This features combined monster grooves and head-crunching heaviness. You wll hear traces of fusion bands like mid-period Soft Machine/Canterbury fusion, early Passport, Nucleus, Mushroom, The Mothers Of Invention, all filtered through Japanese over-driven rock ala Happy Family or Tatsuya Yoshida's Koenjihyakkei or Keorekyojinn; they tear into these jazz/rock grooves with a great ferocity, which makes complete sense when you learn that the drummer/leader was the original drummer for Melt Banana, and was on their first two album. "...a perfect marriage of 70's Canterbury and burning jazz-fusion, with complex time signatures, ripping keyboards and squonkin' sax lines... reeks of promise and delivers on many fronts"-Sea of Tranquility
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