Lookout Farm - At Onkel Po's Carnegie Hall/Hamburg '75 CD

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Dave Liebman (saxophone, flute, percussion)
Richie Beirach (piano)
Frank Tusa (bass)
Jeff Williams (drums)
Badal Roy (percussion)

“In 1975, the NDR established its own festival to provide the then so called "New Jazz" with a home base in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, which was suffering slightly under the omnipresent and highly respected swing and Dixieland traditionalists, who provided a cozy, but hardly innovative version of jazz. "Onkel Pö" was selected as a second venue of the "New Jazz" festival -- the club which had established itself as a new home of jazz in Hamburg. Also, for the club the festival meant a substantial boost.
Part of the 1975 festival program was a band founded by Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach some two years previously under the enigmatically beautiful name Lookout Farm. The first and universally acclaimed record was released on the German label ECM. Liebman, Beirach as well as bassist Frank Tusa and percussionist Jeff Williams were undoubtedly at the center of this vehement awakening of a newly liberated music; ostentatiously, at the Hamburg festival concert the quartet invoked themes and motives by John Coltrane, back then the visionary leader of everything new in the world of jazz.”
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