Mangala Vallis - Voices

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GIGI CAVALLI COCCHI : drums and percussions
MIRCO CONSOLINI : electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, vocals
NIKY MILAZZO : electric guitar
GIANFRANCO FORNACIARI : keyboards and vocals

“An album that, once again, moves out of the path marked by the previous one, this happens because every creation of the band is the result of an ever changing journey, accelerated , mostly, by the events that occur inside the same band. It happened that the old members Cavalli Cocchi, Consolini, Milazzo and Tiranti were joined by an old friend of the band, Gianfranco Fornaciari, as a keyboard player and song writer .The common thread of the songs in ´´Voices´´ is represented by the voices we hear from our deepest inner self, coming from our head, our heart or our soul. Voices that become louder and louder, and that need, as time goes by, the urge of coming out: to scream !! Voices that increase, little by little, their intensity, because the positive aspect of ageing is that we understand better who we are and what we want. The time has come to say stop compromising and no more suffocating our real personality. The album´s cover represents this concept: we are that planet, and those speakers represent our Voice exploding with all its self consciousness towards the rest of the world.”
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