Loomings - Hey Weirdo!

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Maria Denami - voice
Clara Weil - voice
Nils Boyny - keyboards
Nicolas Klee - bass
Enrico Pedicone - vibraphone, drums, acoustic and electronic percussion
Jacopo Costa - voice, vibraphone, drums, acoustic and electronic percussion
Romain Muller - sound engineer
guest musicians
Bertrand Eber - trumpet
Nicolas Jean - trombone
JB Juszczak - alto sax
Paul Schwartz - tenor sax
Rémi Psaume - baritone sax

“Loomings was born under the impetus of Jacopo Costa, an Italian musician living in Strasbourg, France. Thanks to the vitality of the local music scene, he has the opportunity to realize his creations with the help of several musicians with varied artistic backgrounds.
The voices of Maria Denami and Clara Weil - one from the lyric repertoire, the other rooted in contemporary music - add to the jazzy groove of Nicolas Klee (electric bass) and Nils Boyny (keyboards), as well as to the percussion and electronic machines of Enrico Pedicone and Jacopo himself: the result of this cross, at once poetic, ironic and powerful, invites the most adventurous spirits to discover new sound territories.
Main man Jacopo Costa also plays occasionally with French band CAMEMBERT and has collaborated with Italian band band YUGEN for a while.
This is their second album (their first, Everyday Mythology, was issued by AltrOck in 2015). This new album shows an obvious influence from Frank Zappa (both stylistically & vocally) and, in a much lesser extent, from Henry Cow (Dagmar era). Subtle songwriting from Jacopo on the 11 tracks, with odd arrangements.
With their songs halfway between rock, contemporary music and ... something else, Loomings invades the ears with unique sounds. Their musical references belong to the experimental pop-rock tradition: from Beatles to Rock in Opposition to Zappa and Prince. Thus the repertoire of Loomings translates especially in a desire to go further on the road indicated by these "pioneers", not to go backwards.
“Zappaian RIO” (..not so far from the recent Camembert album!) could possibly be the best definition of this album.”
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