Lost Crowns - Every Night Something Happens CD

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Nicola Baigent - clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder
Charlie Cawood - bass guitar
Sharron Fortnam - vocals
Keepsie - drums, handbells
Richard Larcombe - lead vocal, guitar, handbells
Rhodri Marsden - piano, harmonium, electric piano, bassoon, saw, harpsichord, vocals
Josh Perl - synthesiser, vocals, handbells

Without really copying them in any way other than just musical density, somehow, this reminds me tremendously of the work of the 5uu's(!!) So, if you want something that scratches a similar itch, but has its own thing happening, you want this...

“Debut album from psych-pop supergroup Lost Crowns, featuring Richard Larcombe's music and words performed by a stellar cast from the UK 'weird music' scene.”

“An album that credits Richard Larcombe as songwriter always can be bought blindly. He's one half of the creative energy of "Stars In Battledress" (besides his younger brother James Larcombe), and this alone already tells pretty much about "Lost Crowns". He's also one of the musicians from the highly sophisticated music scene related to "Cardiacs" mastermind Tim Smith, which tells still more. This brand new album is demanding as well as rewarding listening. The song structures are very unorthodox, as are the melody lines and chord progressions, all of them proceeding on largely unpredictable paths - much like the treasured "Cardiacs" stuff, but with a notably different, more epic sound. A definite genre is hard to match - maybe the somewhat vaguely defined term "post-progressive", which comprises several kinds of hard-to-categorize music, is appropriate here.”-Sven B Schrelber
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