Møster / Parker / Abrams / Herndon - Ran Do CD

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Kjetil Møster tenor saxophone
Jeff Parker guitar
Joshua Abrams double bass
John Herndon drums

"Ran Do comes after the 2014 re-encounter of the quartet with Kjetil Møster, Jeff Parker, John Herndon and Joshua Abrams. Their first coincidental meeting happend at the bar Rodan in Chicago in 2008, where Parker, Herndon and Abrams played every tuesday night for years. Bass player Ingebrigt Håker Flaten brought Kjetil Møster who was touring with electro-rockers DATAROCK at the moment, along to Rodan, and Parker recognizing Møster and his sax on his back invited him to join them on stage. This was a very direct, intuitive, pure and spontaneus meeting creating the highest enthrillment amongst the performers and the listening part of the audience. Since then, the three Americans and Møster were longing for a second meeting. This merge of the with the Chicagoean and the Norwegian music community represented by Parker, Herndon and Abrams, were continued on the opportunity to meet again at Nattjazz festival in Bergen, Norway in May 2015. Parker and Herndon are members of Tortoise, Abrams is the mentor of Natural Information Society. The music inside is somehow extensive of the one proposed by Kjetil Møster’s quartet «Møster!», a pollination of progressive and psychedelic rock elements (with members of the Norwegian bands Motorpsycho, Elephant9, BigBang and Monolithic) with a strong Coltranean influence, but now entering more decisively into post-rock domains and acquiring a more “Americanized” sound. The CD follows a William S. Burroughs notion – «When you cut into the present the future leaks out» – and yes, from those old materials coming from the Sixties and the Seventies something new arises. Of course, you’ll still find in Møster’s saxophone playing the Scandinavian trademarks pioneered by Jan Garbarek, and also all his commitment to European free improvised music, but very alive is his other interest for the alternative and indie developments of rock and roll, the same that made him to join the bands Datarock and King Midas. Parker and Herndon swim in their natural element, equating abstract textures and groove, and Abrams – here switching his guimbri for the usual double bass – has ample space to conjure his love for the kind of repetitive motifs imagined by Terry Riley and Can. In one word: unmissable."
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