Centazzo, Andrea / Tania Chen / Henry Kaiser - Ghidorah

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Andrea Centazzo-percussion
Tania Chen-piano
Henry Kaiser-guitar

"Like their namesake the 3-headed extraterrestrial planet-killing dragon, that was responsible for the destruction of the Venusian civilization and that began causing so much trouble for Godzilla and Mothra back in 1964, this trio trio comes from the Great Beyond with a mission of fiery improvisation and a protocol take no prisoners in the process.
Featuring Andrea Centazzo on percussion, Tania Chen on piano and Henry Kaiser on guitar. Italian percussionist/electronics wizard Andrea Centazzo has been collaborating with Kaiser, since 40 years ago in the late seventies. Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Centazzo have kept in touch through the years, recording a double duo LP with Toshinori Kondo in 1979, a duo CD for Ictus Records (Centazzo’s label) in 2007 and a Derek Bailey tribute CD in 2012.
For this new trio CD, Kaiser and Centazzo have added pianist Tania Chen, who has recorded with Kaiser on two discs in the last few years (OCEAN OF STORMS with Wadada Leo Smith) and another: MEGASONIC CHAPEL, that blended Korean Court Music and Shaman music with free improvisation. On Ghidorah they explore absolutely contemporary free improv strategies and all 3 players radically push the vocabulary and expression of their instruments beyond where they have gone before. Kaiser in particular discovered new forms and sounds of electric guitar expression during the recording of this album, like the continous creation that happens in some remote corner of the multi-verse where space monsters are born."
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