Inner Ear Brigade - Dromology CD

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Bill Wolter — Guitar
Chris Lauf — Drum
s Stephen Wright — Bass
Melody Ferris — Vocals
Ivor Holloway — Tenor, alto and soprano Sax
Eli Wallace — Keyboards (tracks 1,2,4,5)
Theo Padouvans — Trumpet (tracks 1,2,4,5,6)
Andrew Vernon — Keyboards (tracks 3,6,7)
David Shaff — Trumpet (track 3,7)
Aheron Wheels Bolsta — Tabla (track 5)

"BIG WOW!!! It happens rarely that an album keeps me totally stunned to the bones! This music reminds me of so many cherished music experiences all at once: Frank Zappa, Hatfield & The North, Magma, Univers Zero...
Besides the amazing vocals contributed by Melody Ferris, a clear highlight is the dense and complex orchestration, with its awesome wind arrangements and breakneck counterpoints all over."-Sven Schreiber

"According to a highly anticipated episode for this California band, it surprised the entire world's avant-prog movement for the ability to combine instant-tuning melodies with more complex structures making the result fresh and enjoyable.
With "Dromology" they improve and perfect the proposal making it more mature and engaging. Typically vintage timbres give the collection the right color and an unforgettable listening pleasure."
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