Teru's Symphonia - Egg The Universe

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This 1988 release was the second release by this Japanese progressive rock outfit.
Like so much of the 80s and 90s Japanese progressive scene, this has long been unavailable.
Now it's available again at a reasonable price, especially for a Japanese release, as a special blu-spec CD release!

"This band, led by guitarist Terutsugu Hirayama (who was originally with the band Novela) has an extremely powerful symphonic sound somewhat reminiscent of mid-period Renaissance, but more extreme in every way. Their sound is positively stunning. Yes, there are vocals all over their albums and I don't understand a word of them but I don't care. Vocalist Megumi Tokuhisa is a chameleon of sorts, within the same song she can switch from sounding like an innocent child to a very dynamic and powerful singer. Of their three albums, Egg The Universe is probably the easiest to sink your teeth into..."-Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock
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