Basta! - Elemento Antropico

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"BASTA! is an electric progressive rock quintet from Tuscany, consisting of
Damiano BONDI (Diamonica Hammond 44)
Saverio SISTI (Electric Guitar, 8-String Guitar)
Giacomo SOLDANI (Bass)
Andrea TINACCI (Bass Clarinet, Clarinet)
Roberto MOLISSE (Drums)
Melding heavy progressive rock, jazz, symphonic, and avant-garde sensibilities, their instrumental compositions are zany and adventurous."

"Now this is something! I happened to hear this italian band on Progstreaming and they just blew me away immediately. After two listens I ordered their album right away! They basically play a melodic progressive rock with small hints of jazz and avant-garde. But don't be put of by the avant-garde-ish influences, they are just a small portion of what you get with this band. I would say they have just enough of avant-garde to keep this fresh and entertaining, and entertaining it is! The band moves easily between heavy arrangements to sweet mellow melodies to complex crazyness. Great stuff! The music is mostly instrumental but there are some spoken words sometimes, it is an italian band after all. They manage to keep the music feel modern and innovative but still keep the best of the progressive rock from the 70s. I just love how they move between really heavy arrangements to delicate interludes in seconds, very powerful and dynamic arrangements. It's melodic, theatrical and fun! If you love italian progressive rock, this is a must! This will probably be one of my favourite albums of 2017!!"-progarchives
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