Blegvad, Peter - Go Figure

Peter Blegvad-guitar, vocals
Chris Cutler-drums, percussion
Bob Drake-guitar, vocals, percussion
John Greaves-bass, piano
Karen Mantler-organ, vocals, glockenspiel, harmonica

Adding the organ of Karen and the 'personalities' of Bob and Karen was an inspired move!

"After 19 years, the return of the Peter Blegvad Trio, in supernal form and now a quintet with Karen Mantler and Bob Drake. Recorded over 10 days at studio Midi-Pyrenees the old way: sitting in a room, working on arrangements, rehearsing a bit and then quickly recording to capture every nuance and interaction: your front seat in our hi-tech sitting room.
The sound is the best so far, according to our friends - and the playing is organically elastic, giving form to a glittering chain of lapidary songs crafted by a master of the form. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll change your life and join the circus. It’s never too late...!"
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