ZNR - Traite De Mecanique Populaire

Back in print after being utterly unavailable for something like 20 years! And this is a great, landmark album (although it's a quiet landmark...). A gem and a classic and lovely to see this again!
The 2nd and best of this legendary band's two albums, comprised of the duo of Hector Zazou & Joseph Racaille + guests, who use keboards, clarinets, guitars, violin and much more.
This record was utterly out of step with the prevailing trends in 1977, but in retropect, this turned out to be an early classic of 70's neo-classical progressive rock but in a completely different way than Art Zoyd/Univers Zero.
Where AZ/UZ used Bartok/Stravinsky, ZNR used Satie/Debussy as their classical role models. This made for a beautiful and quite distinctly French and 'odd' album.

"The second and last release by this most exquisite and eccentric of groups, who hardly touched the world of working bands, and whose existence was tenuous, flickering, mythological – and yet who managed, stealthily, to find its way in time to legendary status – rather like Duchamp’s fountain - by leaving an indelible trace in recorded form of their verifiable existence. There’s been nothing like them before or since. Though, if Captain Beefheart had been Erik Satie..."
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