Reichel, Hans - Wichlinghauser Blues CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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Hans Reichel was a brilliant (difficult, but brilliant) guitarist and instrument-maker. Starting in the 70s, he released a number of truly amazing solo albums, most of them on the FMP label.
Using regular and self-made instruments, his music truly sounds like no one else's. This was his first and is the 1st time it has appeared on CD!
Conditionally hugely recommended!

"Originally released on FMP in 1973, this is the debut LP by legendary German guitar improvisor and instrument inventor Hans Reichel (1949-2011), a resonant and hilarious document of the nascent genius, recording his peculiar and wondrous music alone in a studio. Acoustic and unfiltered electric guitars turned back into the supremely malleable instruments they were before they'd been firmly encoded as tools for rock or pop or jazz. Reichel is like an improvising Harry Partch, investigating the genesis of lute music. Never before available on CD, remastered from original tapes, packaged lovingly with a gatefold and tip-on cover, reprinting the original design, which was by Reichel."
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