Various Artists - Prog Exhibition 2 : 2 x CDs

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This double CD set presents highlights from the second Prog Exhibition Festival, which was held October 21-22, 2011 in Rome. Like the 1st event, this features well known bands in the scene, but often performing with special guests, which ups the 'special experience' ante quite a lot!
Here you get:
Oak (with Martin Allcock)
Saint Just Again (with Jenny and Alan Sorrenti)
Ut (New Trolls)
Balletto Di Bronzo (with Richard Sinclair)
Arti+Mestieri (with Gigi Venegoni and Mel Collins)
Il Bacio Della Medusa
Vic Vergeat Band (with Mel Collins)
Garybaldi (with Marco Zoccheddu of Nuova Idea)
Biglietto Per L'inferno Folk (with Martin Barre)
New Goblin (with Steve Hackett)
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