Greinke, Jeff - Other Weather

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Starting in the very early 80s, Greinke was one of the very first of the modern-day ‘sound sculptors’, working with electronics and etc (but long before laptops) to craft a very personal, ambient, warm and inviting electronic sound that can or can not be called ‘music’ depending on your definition. Since that first 15-20 years of his work, he’s expanded his palette greatly by adding acoustic instruments along with his organized sounds as well.
He’s one of the less-known greats, in ambient music, imo.

“With Other Weather, composer and soundscape artist Jeff Greinke presents an elegant musical landscape comprised of delicate compositions and harmonically rich ambience. The eleven slowly unfolding tracks offer multi-layered textures that weave acoustic and electronic instrumentation into a gossamer soundscape that shimmers with the stillness of a perfectly calm atmosphere in the warm light of early dusk.
As with 2018's Before Sunrise, Other Weather spans the genres of modern classical, electronic, and ambient as it gently evolves through a refined set of impressionistic ambient chamber music. Blending electronic ambiences and effects with an acoustic ensemble that includes piano, cello, viola, violin, French horn, clarinets, flutes, and small percussion, Greinke realizes his musical vision through an empirical process of improvisation and experimentation, combining tracks and layering sounds, and uncovering the magical moments as they reveal themselves.
The title Other Weather refers to Greinke's very personal and experiential relationship with the weather, especially the beautiful and sometimes indescribable meteorological phenomena that aren't often noticed or talked about. Greinke explains, "My interest in the weather has always been predominantly experiential, and as I get older I find myself attracted to its subtler and quieter aspects. I see a connection between this interest and the kind of music I like to make. This feels especially true with this album."
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