a.P.A.t.T. - Fun With Music CD

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Bossa Nova - Acoustic Drum Kit
Col Legno - Vocals, Violin
Empress Play - Vocals, flute
General MIDI - Vocals, Rhodes, Guitars, etc
Dorothy Wave - Micron, Micropreset, Vocal backing
Private Dancer - Trumpet
Jon Bone - Trombone

Very good, theatrical art-rock from the UK. This is their 1st non self released album and it comes from the wonderful folks at AltrOck. VERY quirky and they may be an acquired taste for certain folks, but one well worth acquiring!

"Imagine a proposal that combines the best cardiacs with the North Sea Radio Orchestra and William D. Drake's camaraderie, all flavored with an unmistakably "British" flavor. The best progressive rock bands in the world and beyond. The whole proposition is endowed with clever irony and great instrumental skill, a great classic of the future and a new appeal for the new, modern and intelligent rock progressive world."

"A restless, relentless take on 21st century music and performance involving deconstruction, reconstruction and evolving values. Redefining notions of failure and success. As with any a.P.A.t.T. product you can expect nothing but the best materials and finest blend of natural and synthetic resources shaped for your special day."
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