MacLean, Steve - GPS CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

"Careful compositions converse with focused improvisations under the precise direction of Steve MacLean who, on this CD, after various excursions that took him through experimental works for piano, interactive insect/guitar compositions and pure electronics, returns to a performing band and a journey through complex polyrhythmic compositions imaginatively intercut with careful, atmospheric inventions, for guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion and various objects. There is a quiet rigour, almost a formality, about this release, quite unusual in modern electric music - the compositions, which follow the remarkable parallel-metre style pioneered in his under-rated classic ‘Opposite of War’, are almost understated and, throughout, overproduction is strenuously avoided so that the recordings can concentrate on the human scale of the performances. The improvisations, too, don’t strive for effect, the players concerning themselves exclusively with structure and content. In other words, this is a solid, almost old-fashioned, unashamedly musical, record that celebrates distinctive compositions, high performance values and imaginative playing. Steve MacLean is a full-time professor at Berkelee - and his musical output has to work around that. The present CD was made in a rare free summer, at his home on the ocean, and the location, he says, was the direct inspiration for much of what is heard here:

'These months were the happy days of summer and that way of life is reflected in the melodic lightness and harmony of the pieces. It is also the first recording in many years in which I’ve been able to capture the full extent of my electronic guitar rig - including synthesizers, samplers, extensive processing and preparation techniques….helpful for mixing, since we were often tracking as many as 6 or 8 distinctly separate signals from the guitar alone.’

All the recordings were completed in 2 days, played directly and integrally and without overdubbing."
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