Magick Brother & Mystic Sister - Tarot Part I CD

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“Magick Brother & Mystic Sister, the mysterious band from Barcelona, return with not one, but 2 albums! 'Tarot Part I' and 'Tarot Part II' (follows a few months after #1) is a concept album in 2 parts, a psychedelic record, a kaleidoscope of songs based upon the Major Arcana of the Tarot, a cross-cultural dream language.
With their signature imaginative compositions, featuring space-age keys and spiraling synthesizers, intricate guitar mosaics and bass lines, powerful drums, tribal percussion and exotic instruments carving textures for atmospheric feminine vocals, MBMS merge a kind of dream-prog, of the Canterbury variety, with retro-futuristic sounds and magic folk atmospheres, shaping up their own universe, thus turning the 'Tarot' concept into an unmissable experience!
The band decided to release the record in two parts, giving the listener more time to meditate upon the music. This is an album that is meant to be listened to and experienced visually on vinyl, its sleeve recalling the bold designs of the late 1960s - early 1970s - when the two records are combined, the interior gatefolds form an astrological mandala, a planetary wheel.
For this album MBMS, (Eva Muntada (synthesizers, mellotron, organ, piano), Xavier Sandoval (bass and guitar), Alejandro Carmona (drums) and, new member of the band, Toni Jagwar (sitar) are joined by Maya Fernandez (flute) on two songs, Glenn Brigman (vocals) and Didac Fernandez (percussion)."
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