Agusa - Noir CD

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By my count, this is the seventh studio album by Agusa. When we were solicited on it, the band and label seemed pretty hesitant for us to hear it, which, of course, along with the description that ‘it’s something different’, made me wary.
But we finally prevailed and did hear it and personally, I like this A LOT. Yes, it’s shorter pieces (all between 2-5 minutes) made as a soundtrack to a film and it’s a bit looser and darker (as befits a soundtrack to ‘a low budget comedy crime drama’), but it’s quite obviously Agusa it’s also obvious that a lot of thought was put into the moods portrayed here.
All of their previous albums are, imo, great, but, also imo, they are all cut from the same cloth. This one will not have you confusing it with anything else in their catalog, and for that alone, I can highly recommend it!
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