Dulcimer - Room for Thought (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This very early 1970's UK folk rock band could roughly be compared to Fairport Convention. They only made this one album in 1971, which has always been quite a rarity; this is the unreleased second album which didn't come out for 20 years and which is not quite as strong as the d├ębut but still a very solid, enjoyable album. English pastoral folk rock at it's very best. I just wish there were more albums and artists like this.

"This legendary folk trio originally formed in Gloucestershire, England in 1967. Having been spotted by the actor Richard Todd, they signed to impresario Larry Page's Nepentha label and released their classic debut album, And I Turned As I Had Turned As A Boy, in May 1971. It was well-received, and a follow-up was recorded later that year, entitled Room For Thought. Despite being a fine folk-rock collection and having finished artwork, it went unreleased at the time, and makes its long-awaited return here."
"If The Amazing Blondel were the voice of medieval England, then this trio can claim to be the poems of Thomas Hardy set to music, a spiritual evocation of a rural idyll that always had its dark side."-Galactic Ramble

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