Smith, Lonnie Liston - Reflections of a Golden Dream CD (Japanese mini-lp sleeve/24-bit K2 mastering) (Mega Blowout Sale)

SKU BVJC 37498
Note that this has a tiny (and I mean TINY) cut-out notch. It's there but it's barely there. Still, it has to be mentioned!

"Lonnie Liston Smith had somehow escaped my attention over the years. I just recently discovered his music. And I’m glad I did. What an amazingly talented musician. If you think you’d like to hear some spacey jazz-like funk with a little soul thrown in to mellow the mix then you’d probably like Lonnie Liston Smith. He’s released many albums over the years but I’m recommending the early stuff. The cosmic creativity, spacey sounds and bass driven funkyness are intoxicating. Those early albums…Astral Traveling, Cosmic Funk, Expansions, Visions of a New World and Reflections of a Golden Dream are simply amazing! I recommend you do what I did…hunt them down and buy them all.”
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