Coleman, Ornette - Dancing In Your Head CD

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The album that introduced Ornette’s electric Prime Time ensemble to the world!

“Back in the early 1980s with the advent of "new music," I used to listen to a radio show on a local community station where the host played punk/new wave and reggae while sprinkling in the occasional Ornette Coleman track maybe once or twice a month. I liked those tunes but in my youth wondered how and why it all fit. Today I get it. As I see it, Ornette Coleman is the founder of the "no wave" genre. Not that I'm aware of any "no wave" bands ever having acknowledged him as such - actually I'm pretty sure that none ever did. Regardless, it seems to me that Coleman was the first musician to break all the rules - or at least the first to break them so severely, the musical equivalent of driving 120 mph in the opposite lane. He was "no wave" way back in 1959 with The Shape of Jazz to Come.”
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