Mahagony Frog - Senna CD

Unique, colorful, heavy, instrumental music from a Canadian quartet from Winnipeg that fuse elements of noise and brutal prog with a big helping of Canterbury-style jazz/rock. It shouldn't work, but it does. Good stuff and definitely highly recommended.

"Senna is the group's sixth full-length release. Lush with soaring synth-scapes, waves of blistering guitar feedback and sound-art segments consisting of field recordings, tape collage and analogue electronically-generated sounds, it is easily their heaviest and most challenging record to date.SpacerOften the music is hot and gritty, capturing the power of the band's live performance: the rhythm section throttles forward fiercely, laying a foundation for rapidly shifting melodic themes and sounds. Conversely, at times the material is exploratory and dramatic, displaying layers of MIDI-controlled sequencers, razor-crisp glitch-beats, moody tonal washes and infectious, hip-hop-esque grooves. SpacerThe orchestration on Senna is largely mysterious, with highly overdriven, reverb-drenched synths, guitars and electronics trading roles smoothly and swiftly. Along with the enthusiasm and tonal proficiency of engineer Jean Paul Peters, Mahogany Frog have created a cinematic art-rock masterpiece that aims to re-evaluate the conventional roles of instruments and how they contribute to a broader composition. Bold new directions for the Canadian psychodelic art rockers converge on an album that is not to be missed!"
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