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"Arts & Sciences is a genre-bending quartet rooted in the jazz and improvising traditions but borrowing extensively from pop song writing and old field recordings. The group features a unique instrumentation of alto and tenor saxophones, monophonic synths, vintage organs and drums as well as a variety of hand percussion and singing. Compositionally, the group takes it's cues from a wide range of past masters, including Sun Ra, Tim Berne's Bloodcount and Oakland-based experimental pop geniuses, The Curtains. The music fluctuates between through-composed vignettes and lengthier suite-like pieces that seamlessly weave together written material and improvisation. Texture and timbre are as important as melody and harmony and within one song, the group may move from a free jazz cacophony to an undulating polyrhythmic groove. Musical borders are crossed in an attempt to bring listeners into a aural wonderland where lyricism and dissonance not only co-exist but buoy each other."
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