Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire CD

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This isn't new for us, but this is an essential , essential classic from ground zero of electric jazz into rock. If you don't own it, you absolutely need this.

This is the 2000, 20-bit remastered edition of this classic fusion album. What can I say? The Mahavishnu Orchestra's 1st 3 albums represent to me all that was good and holy about fusion's heyday. This was the middle of the three and my favorite of the two studio works. And this version of it sounds amazingly good.

"This type of music actually requires skill. Musical training, instrumental skill, interplay between people, listening skills...and all those things that really mattered to us fell by the wayside over the next 20 is my hope that hearing this music will make some young people appreciate the idea of somebody who is really capable of playing an instrument. Because that used to mean something. I would hate to think that sort of thing has been forgotten forever."-Jan Hammer.
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