Matsue, Jun - Triumph Of Guitar Murderer

Jun Matsue is a Japanese guitarist sorta in the Jeff Beck vein and I first heard of him from his excellent guest work on the first Machine and the Synergetic Nuts album. MSN informed me that he has a solo career and they sent me a sample of this solo album from 2003. Jun is also adding some excellent playing to "Leap Second Neutral", MSN's second album (out in January, 2005). Jun's album includes Jun plus drummer Toshiaki Sudoh (of MSN), who also contributes bass(!), Aya Sekine-Fender Rhodes, organ, piano, Makoto Minagawa-mini-Moog and Atsushi Matsushita-drums. "This CD is the 'Blow By Blow' of 2003"
  • LabelAdamski
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