McLaughlin, John / Carlos Santana - Love Devotion Surrender (expanded / remastered)

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This is a pretty great album, recorded in October 1972, when John was at his height with Mahavishnu, and Carlos was at his peak with Caravanserai and both were at their peak of wearing little white suits and sitting at the feet of Sri Chinmoy! It mixed members of both bands (Billy Cobham and Jan Hammer from Mahavishnu and Armando Peraza, Doug Rauch and Mike Shrieve from Santanta). But most importantly, it featured Larry Young (from John's days with Tony Williams) on organ, who brings a beautiful, ethereal edge to the proceedings. I remember listening to this, wasted as could be, in high school and not being able to tell who was playing what on the dueling leads. Not so hard now that I am not wasted as can be...
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