Mecki Mark Men - Marathon

Third, final, and probably the best album by this early Swedish psychedelic/progressive hard rock album, who formed in 1967. They toured the USA in 1970, becoming the first Swedish band to tour the USA and their records were released here and a great effort was made to break them in the USA, but all to no avail. Over 35 years later, however, I think that their work holds up really well and if you want to hear wild and heavy psychedelic organ and guitar rave-ups, you really can't do any better than this! I didn't realize that when the band broke up, they essentially reformed as Kebnekaise! Typically great job from Mellotronen, with a terrific digi-pack and booklet. "This is the 3rd album by Mecki Mark Men. Recorded in Chess studio in Chicago while Mecki Mark Men was on tour in 1970. Basically it is the same heavy acid space rock as on their previous "Running in the Summer Night " album. Perhaps with a little more bluesy flavour... but still very dynamic! Mecki Mark Men was (together with Hansson and Karlsson) Jimi Hendrix favourite Swedish band. When Jimi came back from his Swedish tours he probably told the tales about the wild Swedish Organ tormentor Mecki Bodemark who did the same things with his grinding Organ as Jimi did with his guitar. For those of you who have not heard MMM I can tell that they sounds like a mix of Teargas, High Tide and Jimi Hendrix but with a wild organ player and the mighty Kenny Håkansson on Lead Guitar and sitar! After this album Mecki quit and the band changed name to Kebnekajse. This CD includes their Sonet album from 1970 plus a commercial jingle. Inside the nice Digipak one can find a complete giglist with all the 317 concerts that this line-up of MMM did during 1969-1970 as well as a detailed biography by Reine Fiske and Tommy Dahlén!!!"
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