Mentz, Fabio - Album 2 x CDs

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Fabio Mentz's 1st album, which seemingly came out of nowhere (and which we still stock, hint, hint), ripped my head off with its blend of real hard core complexity and Brazilian groove. It uses instrumentation like bassoon (Mentz is a bassoonist and he also plays piano and flute), piano, clarinets, trombone, bass, drums and more.

This one is more stylistically diverse than the first and less 'RIO-jazz", but the best parts for me combine aspects of the groups and the sound that I think of as 'melodic RIO/avant progressive" (Lars Hollmer/Von Zamla, L'Ensemble Raye, Nimal, Albert Marcoeur, Claudia Quintet, etc.) into a wonderful whole that doesn't sound like any one of those bands, but certainly fits in with them.

This is totally great, although if you are are hard-core avant-rock guy and not a jazz guy, you'll like the previous one more.

"Fabio Mentz plays basson in an orchestra called OSPA, in southern Brazil, he composes soundtracks for theater, movies and still work as art director. He made one of the most interesting CDs of brazilian music of the last years (we still have a few copies available) and he is back with a double CD which puts together two works (2 CDs), Navegantes (Navigators) and Caminho da Roça (The Way To The Countryside).

Fábio is a composer and multi-instrumentist which plays, piano, acoustic guitars (6 and 12 strings), basson, flute and percussion and in each track he has several guests, going from duo to sextet, exploring a huge amount of styles, world music with sitar and assorted percussion, regional brazilian songs, percussion experimental music, jazz and brazilian instrumental music, of course. Navegantes is more acoustic based, whereas Caminho da Roça has a more assorted styles. There are songs and instrumental tracks, each with its own style but all with Fábio's geniality as composer."

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