Merzbow / Arcane Device - Merzbow & Arcane Device CD

“Japan's leading noise luminary Merzbow meets American electro-feedback artist Arcane Device as they mix and manipulate each other's work. The results are droning, bubbling sonic textures that are as serene as they are extreme pushing the boundaries and meeting in the middle. Both artists contribute long-form manipulations that inspire contemplation as much as highly caffeinated charges of sonic skullduggery. Sonic textures take center stage on Merzbow & Arcane Device.

David Lee Myers aka Arcane Device has been building electronics and creating feedback based electronic music since the late '70s. He has collaborated with Tod Dockstader, Kim Cascone, Asmus Tietchens, among others.

Masami Akita's legendary Merzbow project has established him as an international electronic phenomenon.”
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