Mingus, Charles - The Rare Albums Collection 4 x CDs

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The Young Rebel
Mingus At Antibes
Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
Plays Piano
Town Hall Concert (1964)
Right Now
At Monterey

Not really ‘rare albums’, but certainly some great ones in here!

“Among the most inspirational and innovative composers and musicians of the 20th Century, Charles Mingus remains perhaps jazz music's most accomplished bass player and amongst its most formidable pianists. His extensive back catalogue of recordings set a new standard in experimentation, blending as it does hard bop with elements of gospel, blues, classical and avant-garde. With a fearsome reputation as a bandleader too, Mingus' guidance resulted in some of the finest performances from the best musicians ever to grace the jazz genre, and his long-standing influence is as potent today as ever it was.
This 4CD Set brings together eight of Charles Mingus' lesser known albums, all released during his glory years, between 1952 and 1964. Each LP featured remains a classic in its own right despite their commercial scarcity and often underrated status. With full original release details and complete musician lists for each record, this set provides over 5 hours of Charles Mingus' musical genius. Available here once again in perfect remastered sound, this collection will prove a delight for long term fans and Mingus beginners alike, offering as it does the chance of completing collections of this legendary jazz maestro universally.”
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