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Originally released in 1969, Missus Beastly, along with Xhol Caravan are considered one of the earliest underground bands.

"Legendary psychedelic blues. Their debut with the original red CPM cover artwork. Like a darker, more experimental Out of Focus, with the accent on psychedelic blues and jazz, their 1969 debut was amazing for its variety and invention."-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

"Missus Beastly from Herford were among the most famous German psychedelic and jazz-rock bands, with the most confusing history of all of them. Their first LP released on CPM in 1970 - without any title, just like the second LP in 1974 - had a beautiful red cover artwork and is traded today at around 1000 euros. A certain Henry C. From(m), pretending to be the band's manager, flutist, and drummer, arranged for a re-issue, which was released under the title of Nara asst incense (OPP 5-32) with the same tracks in a different order and with a totally new cover artwork. When no legal action was taken against him, this man had the cheek to embark on further fraudulent ventures by recording another two LPs and releasing them under the stolen name of Missus Beastly. The vinyl edition on Garden of Delights comes in the original red gatefold cover and with four-page insert in LP size."
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