Mobius Strip - Time Lag CD

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Lorenzo Cellupica - piano, organ, keyboards and vocals
Nico Fabrizi - tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, percussions
Eros Capoccitti - electric bass, percussions
Davide Ruffo - drums and percussions

“We can breathe air of summer in the music of this band originally from Sora (FR); known on the music scene initially with the name of “Yellow cake”, jazz fusion band.
In 2017 they released the first and self-titled album with the current name and musicians. After 4 years, the minimum time necessary for making an album for every band that maniacally takes care of every detail of their own work, the quartet returns to the scene with 6 new tracks that reproduce that happy combination of prog, rock, jazz and folk styles that the band has “spoiled” us in the past.
The result, which once again winks at jazz fusion of Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Weather Report, but also the most contemporary like Robert Glasper or Snarky Puppy, is even more balanced, light and exciting than in the past. The vocal and choral arrangements of the last track “A Theme for the End” are remarkable, also for the careful intervention of soprano, alto, tenor and Lorenzo Cellupica on the second track “Iblis’s Hybris” (listen to believe).”-Monica Margot
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