Moholo-Moholo, Louis - 4 Blokes

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Alexander Hawkins-piano, John Edwards-bass, Louis Moholo-Moholo-drums, Jason Yarde-saxes.

"It’s the feeling that differentiates free jazz and its offshoots from every other species of contemporary western music: the sensation that the body and the spirit are being lifted in unison by great washes of sound and emotion. That lift can be generated equally by an ecstatic suspension or a hurtling momentum, heightened by the knowledge that the musicians and their listeners are existing in a moment which can never be repeated. That’s what Louis Moholo-Moholo and his fellow musicians – John Edwards, Alexander Hawkins and Jason Yarde – achieve throughout 4 Blokes, the first recording of what has become a working quartet. Twice in the months before the release of this album their effect on a live audience could be seen at London’s Café Oto. On both occasions their listeners were reluctant for the evening to end, convinced that they had been exposed to music as consistently enthralling as any being made during this phase of jazz’s continuing evolution. They had been elevated to what felt like a higher plane of being, which is surely the hallmark of great art of any kind. This album, their first as a quartet, was recorded in a studio, but the effect is the same: the unrolling of a many-hued tapestry of music drawing on the individual backgrounds of all four participants but chiefly shaped by the spirit of the music that Louis brought to Europe from South Africa with his fellow Blue Notes in 1965."
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