Moore, Anthony - The Only Choice (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Released in 1984, this was the final recording the made as "A. More / Anthony More" (and his last solo album), this was his last 'indie rock' release of the late 70s/early 80s.
Moore was a classical composer, doing very avant garde/minimal music ala John Cage, etc in the very early 1970s, and then somehow he fell into the sphere of Faust and Peter Blegvad and Dagmar Krause, and formed Slapp Happy with Krause and Blegvad and collaborated with all of them. Then onto Henry Cow, then onto a solo career (which ended here) and then onto a stint as a lyricist with the Roger Waters-less Pink Floyd and finally into being a professor at Cologne, Germany's Academy of Media Arts!
This moves a bit away from the somewhat John Cale-ish sound of his Flying Doesn't Help towards a sound more like the best of what Peter Gabriel was doing at the same time.
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Around the early to mid eighties, Anthony Moore of Slapp Happy made three albums: first, "Flying Doesn't Help", then "World Service" and finally this one, "The Only Choice". All three are excellent, though technically I would rate them as follows: FDH 5 stars, WS 4.75 stars, and TOC 4.5 stars. In other words, the only reason this isn't a real five-star disc is because its predecessors were such monsters. All three of these albums consist of what start out to be standard pop songs, which are then brilliantly arranged and given great atmosphere in the studio. The songs on "The Only Choice" have solid bass and drums, but also feature electronics and world music elements. The songs are not morbid or depressing, but do have a definite atmosphere of unease about them. The lyrics are printed in the jewel case booklet and deal with such topics as foreign intrigue, separation, and tense human relationships. Moore's controlled yet intense vocals are a perfect match for the songs. The instrumentation is varied, featuring guitar, bass and drums, as well as electronic keyboards, brass, harmonica, oboe, bassoon, mandolin and violin. This is a great sounding disc as well, very dynamic, and with the aforementioned studio treatments. Another reason to pick this up is that it's quite rare. Years ago, I had heard of this disc but had never actually seen it. It seemed like it was only available for about a month when I snapped it up. Then years went by before I saw it again. So "The Only Choice" is highly recommended, as well as its two brothers "Flying Doesn't Help" and "World Service". -T.A.
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